Aquaculture Services

Site Services

Aurora Marine carry out all general site service works with our newest and largest vessel, the MultiCat Aurora Venture.

The Aurora Venture is our service vessel for the salmon industry carrying out all site service works, including:

  • Towing feed barges and cages
  • Anchor handling
  • Site Grid intallation and maintenance
  • Net changing
  • Freight work for Feed, water and fuel
  • Dive support
  • Large deck area for installation of any Mechanical or Chemical treatments for de-lousing.
The Aurora Venture carrying out service work on a Salmon farm in Skye

ROV Net Cleaning

Aurora Marine provides innovative and high quality in-situ net cleaning and inspection services to the fish farming industry.

The Aurora and Aurora Quest are full-time, dedicated ROV net cleaning vessels.

Our team has significant expertise in the industry, and our modern, superior quality equipment enable us to effortlessly achieve and maintain a high standard of results.

We undertake thorough disinfecting and testing procedures before and after cleaning, and we can typically complete a full net clean in one to three hours depending on overall net size, growth coverage and other environmental factors. In comparison to traditional methods, Aurora Marine provides efficient, inexpensive services promoting good net hygiene to help fish farms grow more active, healthier fish.

Watch our video to see our ROV net cleaning equipment in action.

Aurora Quest lifting ROV RONC being lifted back onboard Aurora and Terminator 9 in action After cleaning Deck RONC commencing operation RONC cleaning a net at the surface Terminator 9 - manual net cleaner Terminator clean - before & after Net Before & After our Clean