About Us

Aurora Marine is a Shetland-based company specialising in services to the northern aquaculture industry.

About Aurora Marine

Colin Leask

Colin Leask

Aurora Marine is run by experienced fisherman Colin Leask with a team of 16 professional staff experienced in the aquaculture industry. Aurora Marine has three vessels which are equipped to the highest standards and allow us to deliver a quality service to the likes of Cooke Aquaculture, Grieg Seafood and Scottish Sea Farms. Our MultiCat Aurora Venture is dedicated to general site service works whilst our other two vessels use pioneering remote controlled equipment to provide an efficient and sustainable net cleaning service.

We have a comprehensive knowledge of the aquaculture industry including:

  • Farm Management
  • Site Maintenance
  • Workboat Handling
  • Marine Engineering

Aurora Marine’s experienced team are conscientious, hard working and determined, understanding each team member’s strengths and capabilities. Each of our employees have applicable qualifications and skills for the aquaculture industry. We have a collective drive and determination to improve aquaculture services around Shetland, Orkney and further afield. Aurora Marine’s innovative ideas and modernised equipment will provide long-term benefits to you and the aquaculture industry for years to come.